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Temperament - 'Just', 'Compromised' or 'Equal'?


**Newsflash - we just got a batch of Just Tuned Mars so you can get one here

We can tune any instrument to JUST INTONATION TUNING and it takes about a week to be done. Look at the lowest part of the diagram below to see what we do with the fine tuning.

Our instruments are tuned to 'Equal' as a default tuning. 

JUST INTONATION is supreme at making chords sound sweet.

It is the pre-war tuning used by all the great and famous recording artists up to the 1960s like Little Walter, Big Walter, both Sonnyboy Williamsons and all the other greats.

As it is tuned to make the chords sweet you lose the sweetness in melody playing. For example, 5 draw will sound flat in a tune. Fine in 2nd position but less good in first position.

We have been working for some time with a major manufacturer developing this model and in our opinion this harmonica is far superior in quality to many of the cheaper harmonicas currently available on the market. 

See what our pal Pat Missin has to say on the subject: