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Hohner Pentaharp in Cm
Hohner Pentaharp in Cm
Hohner Pentaharp in Cm
Hohner Pentaharp in Cm
Hohner Pentaharp in Cm

Hohner Pentaharp in Cm


Hohner Pentaharp in Cm

These are tuned to give a pentatonic scale without any note bending required.

For full details and tuning charts check out

We have had a few enquiries about this new harmonica from several customers so we have managed to get a few in stock.

At the Time of listing ( 21/1/22) only Cm are available in the UK. 

We are offering these at a very competitive price of £48.00 including UK postage

April 2024  update:- Now reduced to £35.00 including UK delivery!

To save you the time of trawling the internet, here are some of our competitors prices  for Hohner Pentaharp (correct at 21/1/22)

Eagle Music  £48.95 + £3.99 delivery = £52.94

The Harmonica Company £45.99 + £2.49 delivery =£48.48

Thomann  £41 + £8 delivery = £49.00

Hot Rox  £44.95 + £3.25 delivery = £48.20

Here's a more in-depth PentaHarp review from a man who knows all about alternative tunings - he's invented loads for himself, most famously the Paddy Richter tuning:


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