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收藏: Boxed Harmonica Sets

Note - please make sure you choose whether you want a 12 set, 7 set or a 3 set from the dropdown menu which will be shown when there is an option available.

As you probably know there are 12 keys in music, plus their variations like minor or modal, and guess what - there are also 12 keys of harmonicas available.

So here you will find boxed sets of 12 keys, 7 keys and 3keys in some cases. The 7 key option is the most common keys used. All sets come in sturdy black cases with a zip, velcro safety strap, good sizes slots for your harmonicas.

If you are someone who likes or would like to go to a jam session then having a neat case with all your harps in it it the way to go - you get taken more seriously, you look like you mean business, you are keen (even if you are a beginner) and you create the right impression.

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