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Harmonica Key Stickers
Harmonica Key Stickers
Harmonica Key Stickers
Harmonica Key Stickers
Harmonica Key Stickers

Extra Large Harmonica Key Stickers for easy identification - key label marker

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Did you ever pick up a G when you wanted a C and found it's all gone wrong and nothing works like it should? Yup, me too. What an idiot!

But it's easy to do on stage - especially when it's dark.

So here's the solution. Vinyl key stickers.

You get one sheet of large vinyl stickers for marking the key of a harmonica.

These are extra large size, designed to stick on the top cover plate of a harmonica to help with quick and easy key identification. The letter height of the capitals is 12mm high.

It helps solves the problem of a gigging harmonica player on a dimly lit stage struggling to see which is the correct key of harmonica to pick up for the next number.

They are cut from bright yellow, high quality, hard wearing self adhesive sign vinyl.

On each sheet you get 2 of all 12 keys plus extras of the more popular keys (C, G, D, and A).

Also included are other useful markings such as Hi (for high tunings), Low (for low tunings), nm (for natural minor), hm (for harmonic minor) PR (for Paddy Richter) Country (for country tuning)

Designed and produced in house by ourselves.

Please note that you only get the stickers, not the harmonicas! The harmonicas are included in the photos to demonstrate the scale of the product.