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Hi there, time for a new tune in June.

I’m talking to you from downtown Saigon where I’ve been meeting the members of the Vietnam Harmonica Orchestra and staying with their leader in his home.

I brought some instruments I had spare to support them as they encourage new members to start learning harmonica.

Last week I was in Ha Noi doing a similar thing with an orphanage supporting the guy who is setting up harmonica lessons for the kids there.

It’s all on if you wish to see more,

Anyway, tunes.

I thought I would try some tunes I don’t normally associate with harmonica and see if you like them so right now we’re starting with ‘Hello’ by the super famous Adele.

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Apart from being a well-crafted song there’s a great exercise in it for all harmonica players.

The first verse is deceptively simple to play.

The second starts to tease with a little bit or raised emotion and then you’re into the drama of the chorus.

I even got into the lyrics, wondering about old flames and what their doing! 

It’s very interesting on harmonica and really easy to sound good in minor keys.

Playing minor keys (D minor or your C harp) is great fun, super simple – and sounds great.

We call this ‘third position’.

First position is playing C major on your C harp – like ‘Oh Suzanna’

Third position is very cool:

  • Instant jazzy/bluesy sound
  • 95% of inhaled notes fit perfectly
  • very comfortable to improvise
  • it’s a relaxed position to play in
  • sophisticated feeling
  • audiences are impressed with this scale
  • great for tongue blocking 


Here's a half price early bird coupon which will be switched off on Sunday June 12th 2016:
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