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Blues Jam Factory

Blues Jam Factory

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About this harmonica course


Each lesson is recorded at different speeds - learn at your own pace.

Ben explains more in our video:

We teach you the basic easy blues shuffle rhythm with several chugging tracks - these are the backbone to playing blues with rhythm, and rhythm is what music is all about!

Next, you’ll learn the classic Chicago ‘Mannish Boy’ style riff and improvise around it - with a recorded live audience cheering you on!

Then, you’ll learn about the 12-bar blues pattern and how to play it. Again, some tracks have been recorded ‘live’ with a ready-made crowd of fans applauding your efforts.

We then teach you some single note pieces to play in blues style - the sort of thing a bass player would use - and finally some handy horn lines to use when you’re not soloing.

Extras include a ‘call and response’ track where you will listen and try to copy the soloist as you go along, and also some tuition from Paul in different types of simple scales to help you sound great when you improvise.

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