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DaBell Harmonica
DaBell Harmonica

DaBell Story 10 hole diatonic harmonica

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Check out Ben Hewlett's video review below:

The Dabell Story is a high quality 10 hole diatonic harmonica manufactured in South Korea.

It is tuned to equal temperament at 443hz which makes it brighter than many other harmonicas. This slightly higher frequency helps the sound to cut through and sound louder.

They are very air tight and responsive to play.

The Story has a plastic comb and recessed reed plates to ensure comfort during playing.

The cover plates are side vented and the reeds are heat treated phosphor bronze which are spot welded. The reed plates are identical in both the 'Noble' and 'Story'  models.

These seem to be causing a bit of a stir in the harmonica community and have received many favourable comments.

Todd Parrott said "I liked them so much I bought 3!"

Winslow Yerxa (author of Harmonica for Dummies) said:

"I am pleased with the DaBell Nobles that I have"

Initially we have just got a few C's in to try them out but many other keys are available to order. Just let us know what you're after and we can probably get them in a week or two.