NEW STOCK ALERT!! We have received just two D minor and two A minor Kongsheng Baby Fat Harmonicas. An amazing sound for something so small - why not give one of these mini-marvels a try for just £26.99! ***Buy Any Harmonica (UK postage included) And We Will Give You 3 Of Ben's Video Tuition Courses Worth Over £45 As A Thank You Gift***

Sonnyboys Special harmonica
Sonnyboys Special harmonica
Sonnyboys Special harmonica
Sonnyboys Special harmonica
Sonnyboys Special harmonica
Sonnyboys Special harmonica

Sonnyboys Special Blues Pro Harmonica Choose from E or F

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Sonnyboys Special blues harmonica supplied in a plastic case.

Special Stock Clearance Offer now only £15 including UK delivery

We have decided to phase out the Sonnyboy's Special and concentrate on offering Kongsheng branded products instead.

If you liked the Mark 3 Sonnyboy's Special we think you'll like the Kongsheng Amazing 20 (spot the difference!). We now have the Amazing 20 available in all 12 keys keys 

The Mark 2 Sonnyboy's Special was based on an earlier Kongsheng model which is now no longer manufactured.

Grab a bargain on these clearance Sonnyboy's Specials. When they are gone they are gone!




This is the  Mark 2 model which has recently been deleted by the factory and will gradually been replaced with an even higher quality Mark 3 model.

For the Mark 2 model you can choose from choose any of the following keys 9 keys:

Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, A, Bb, or B (£21.99) - SORRY only E and F left in stock

Special offer on E and F's now only £15!

The Mark 3 model is available in C and G (£28) -SORRY SOLD OUT

The Sonnyboys  Special is a 10-hole diatonic available exclusively from Sonnyboys Music Store.

Tuned to equal temperament this model is a good all rounder and particularly suited to playing melodies.

We have been working for some time with a major manufacturer developing this model and in our opinion this harmonica is far superior in quality to many of the cheaper harmonicas currently available on the market. 

This harmonica is exceptional value for the quality of instrument. It’s good enough to gig with but won’t break the bank.

The Sonnyboys Special has the following quality features:

1.The Sonnyboys Special comes with Slotted Covers which dramatically boost the volume and tone quality as you can hear and see in the video demonstration.

2. It features slightly thicker reed-plates which are attached with Phillips screws and fit snugly onto a black plastic body.

3. The way this harp is constructed makes it very easy for you to bend notes for that smooth easy bluesy sound you want.

4. The reeds are precision cut and spot welded

5. It has a great tone and responds well to playing fast notes.

6. It now features a much improved case with polishing cloth included. 

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For beginners we have "Play harmonica in 30 days"

For Intermediate players there's "101 new licks for blues harp"

and "Learn to play Whammer Jammer, the classic rock harmonica tune"

Professional harmonica teacher Ben Hewlett will take you step by step through everything.

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Order with confidence. No quibble money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Just return the goods within 14 days for a refund.


Here's the difference between the three tunings:

Professional harmonica teacher and player Ben Hewlett has the following to say:

“I would be very happy to recommend the Sonnyboys Special harmonica to any aspiring harmonica player. You will be very pleased to use this harmonica at your local jam session."

Order with confidence

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied just return the goods within 30 days for a refund.