Sonnyboys Mojo harmonica C
Sonnyboys Mojo harmonica

Sonnyboys Mojo Harmonica in G only

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The Sonnyboys Mojo.

We are working with the factory to get the full range back as soon as possible.

In the meantime we can have the 'Mojo Tuning' applied to any of our harmonicas if you would like that. It's expensive but we can do it if you want it. Learning to do it yourself is another alternative.

“Just intonation” temperament tuning gives this harp a traditional pre-war blues sound with great sounding chords, it's the tuning Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonnyboy Williamson 2 and all the old guys used and recorded with, so if you want to sound like them this tuning then you just got a head start on people who don't know about the dark art of fine tuning or 'temperament'! 

With its combination of chrome plated reed plates and shiny black
lacquered cover plates this harmonica has a classy appearance

Please note that the latest delivery has a different squarer more rugged plastic case so we will gradually be changing over to these.

Priced at only  £22.99 each with free UK delivery.


See Ben Hewlett's video review of the Mojo here:

"The Mojo is definitely a good choice for the blues player who wants a more t raditional sound”  Pat Missin.

For a complete independent review of the Sonnyboy's Mojo check out www.patmissin.com

 “Loud, responsive and well-tuned, I will be gigging with this one”. Aidan Sheehan (professional musician and harmonica teacher)

Let's see what the difference is between the tunings:


Nicholas P.
Sonnyboys Mojo Harmonica in key of A
Fantastic delivery - great price - brilliant sound. I'm going to buy some more!


Peter B.
Sonnyboys Mojo Bb
To my ear it has a lovely tone and is a pleasure to use.