June 30, 2016

Which harmonica and massive discount on three fab harp courses.

Which harmonica?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Which harmonica should I buy?”

There are so many different brands and models available that it can be quite confusing.

As with all musical instruments you do get what you pay for so our advice would be that if you can afford it, buy a mid range instrument.

Something in the price range £20 -£40 should do the job nicely.

For your first diatonic harmonica you should choose a key of C as much of the teaching material available is done for this key.

Did you know there also is a thing called fine tuning, or ‘intonation’?

Within the Sonnyboys range there are three subtly different tunings - or intonations.

Sonnyboys’ Mojo = perfect for chordal blues.

Sonnyboys’ Special = perfect for melodies.

Sonnyboys’ Classic = this can do everything.


Please see the explanation chart below.

You might also be interested in our friend Pat (the guru) Missin’s view here http://www.patmissin.com/tunings/audio.html


I don’t know if you are familiar with learning harmonica on-line? I’ve been teaching this way (and many other ways) and people seem to like video tuition.

If you can’t get one to one it’s probably the next best thing.

People tell me my courses are clear, knowledgeable, well thought out and FUN. Not too academic, but very effective. I film them with the idea I’m talking direct to you and people say it’s like I’m right there with you – and that goes a long way with me.

I’ve got three courses that are just about to double in price – to $40 but until midnight tomorrow (end of June 2016) they are half price for you. So you can take a look and if you fancy getting any of them for ten bucks jump in now. The coupons become void after midnight and there are only 100 for each course.


‘Chugging’ is playing ‘rhythm harp’. Very powerful for core rhythms and supporting others. You cannot be the soloist all the time!



Bones of the Blues is an amazing concept. Learn a 5-note scale and you can play in a new key on your C harp without even bending notes. In this course you’ll do that 4 times. I’ll teach you to play blues in 4 keys on your C harp without bending notes. You must have this!



60 Sonny Terry Blues riffs is the first of three volumes of riffs extracted from the playing of the wonderful Sonny Terry. Google him on video if you don’t know him – prepare for a life changing experience though.

I learnt so much from studying Sonny and now you can too.